The Law Offices of Michael D. Croddy

The Law Offices of Michael D. Croddy

The Law offices of Michael D. Croddy, Esq. is a Debt Relief Agency providing a caring, compassionate and understanding bankruptcy lawyer that can help you get back on track with your finances. In the wake and the aftermath of the financial roller coaster that has defined our recent troubled economy, many hard working citizens have found themselves upside down, and unable to meet their financial obligations. It can seem disparaging when there is no feasible way to make ends meet, and when you risk losing everything that you have spent your life working so hard to obtain.

Since 1998, Michael D. Croddy, Esq. has been helping people get back on their feet and climb out of the never ending sinkhole of debt through Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Laws. If you are behind on your mortgage and are facing foreclosure or eviction, or are being harassed day and night by aggressive creditors or collectors, and you don’t know what to do or where to turn, it may be time to consider your right to bankruptcy as a citizen.

What We Can Do For YOU

  • ELIMINATE most forms of unsecured debt
  • STOP the creditor harassment
  • STOP collectors and collection activity
  • Keep your car (in most cases
  • Get a fresh start that you deserve!

Beware of bankruptcy services that claim to provide the same services as bankruptcy law firms

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Law and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Laws are complex and require a specific method of filing and accounting in order for them to be processed. With Chapter 7, the most popular form, you can liquidate assets and start over with a clean slate by eliminating most forms of debt. Under Chapter 13, you can make arrangements to pay off the balances or reduced balances owed to your creditors over a period of time that is overseen by the courts. Both options afford you the right to debt relief, and enable you to regain full control over your finances.

Michael D. Croddy, Esq. is dedicated to excellence and compassion when handling your bankruptcy matters. Contact us today at (916)-229-9754 for a FREE initial consultation. With an experienced bankruptcy attorney fighting for your rights, you can quickly put your financial woes behind you, and move on to a much brighter future.

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